Luke-Acts: Christ-centered teaching by Christ

March 28, 2008

(Hopefully this post can serve as something like a model for future posts.)  

Proposal: Luke wants us to understand that Jesus taught the Scriptures from a radical Christ-centered approach that shaped apostolic gospel declaration.   

Luke 24 concludes the gospel according to Luke. The road to Emmaus narrative is quite amazing (Lk. 24:1-35). Luke features some great insights before ch. 24 of Jesus’ amazing understanding of the Scriptures (Lk. 2:46-47; 4:16-22; 11:29-32; 20:17-18, 34-44). Then when Jesus appears to his disciples in 24:36-52 we see a recurring theme: Jesus authoritatively interpreted the Hebrew Bible as concerning Himself (Lk. 24:27, 32, 44-45). Luke picks up on this in Acts at the start, primarily with Peter’s sermon and Pentecost loaded with radical interpretations of the Hebrew Bible (specifically, 2:30-31). The encouraging little narrative of Peter and John’s boldness presses Luke’s intent even more (4:1-22). The climax comes in 4:11 when Peter qualifies Psalm 118 with “This Jesus…”.Whoa. The rulers and scribes saw serious boldness then, boldness to interpret the biblical text in an unpopular way. The rulers and scribes were stunned, they thought “How can these fishermen with no rabbinical education say this?” (4:13). Oh, it was because they had been with Jesus (4:13). They had been with Jesus in no subjective and mystical-quiet-time way. They had been with Jesus and He taught them. They learned from Him how to read the Bible correctly, and may we learn also. 


One Response to “Luke-Acts: Christ-centered teaching by Christ”

  1. Bryan Barley said

    Great job, man. I’m reading through Acts right now and I enjoyed looking at that. I think this will be fruitful.

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