Moving = time

August 16, 2008


My family and I are in the process of moving to Minneapolis, MN. We are set to take off on Monday, August 18. During the week or so or possibly more that it takes us to move and get settled it will be difficult for me to spend time on the blog. That has actually been the surprise of this entire summer. It feels like we have been moving for three months and are yet to get there. But, God willing, we will get there on Wednesday, August 20. Thanks for your patience.

And Bryan Barley, especially thank you for your patience with my infrequence to post through Him We Proclaim. But we will finish that book, and by God’s grace be better ministers of the Word because of it.

Grace to you all in Christ Jesus!


How would you integrate a preaching style into a new church plant? This question includes:

Would you preach expositionally?

Would you preach through a book of the Bible?

If so, what book (or books, considering we don’t know the context of the church plant) do you feel would be best to start with?

Him We Proclaim, 8

August 2, 2008

Chapter 8 of Him We Proclaim discusses Christ as Head and Mediator of our preaching, as evidenced in Scripture. The chapter once again emphasizes preaching Christ at all times, as we should recognize that, “at the most general level we are therefore justified in concluding that no event of history is adequately interpreted apart from its relation to this cosmic agenda of God, centered in teh eschatalogical Lordship of Christ” (243).

The preacher is to faithfully put the text in the context of the “Grand Drama” of Scripture – that is, where is our text in the story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, & Consummation (245)? As we understand that this is the grand story of all history, we recognize that within this story is one Hero, one Champion, one Protagonist – Jesus Christ. Therefore, we understand that “Lord and Servant Who is Prophet, Priest, & King” (as seen in both the OT and NT) is always relevant to what is being preached. 

This really helped me to understand logically why Christ is the focus of our preaching. It’s not that I didn’t believe it, but I enjoy seeing the logical explanation of why we should always preach Christ. If I can return to my Logic 101 class from college, I would present the case in this way:

Claim 1: All of Scripture (and history, by the way) takes place within the Grand Drama of the Creation, Fall, Redemption, or Consummation.

Claim 2: Christ is the focus of this Grand Drama from Creation to Consummation.

Conclusion: Since (1) Scripture is the story of the Grand Drama of Creation to Consummation and (2) Christ is the focus of this Grand Drama then Christ is to be proclaimed from all the Scriptures.

That’s simple enough for me!