Hermeneutic of Justification

September 21, 2008

The hermeneutic of justification is a damned thing. It arises in the theological classroom where knowledge trades in the maid apron with the intention of becoming a savior. Identity is transferred from the eternal Word  (by Whom, in Whom, and for Whom we are created) and is instead nestled in the capacity of what my finite brain can retain. The vehicle by which I understand and cherish the Scriptures (my hermeneutic) becomes in itself the trophy that I value the most. This thing is a means…. a means that I have decorated with significance beyond its worth. 

How often does this temptation arise to seek my acceptance in my how-to-read methodology rather than in the One of whom I read about! How often does this temptation arise to make the heart of the Scriptures peripheral and my method of getting there the glory! 

I don’t want the hermeneutic of justification.

Jesus Christ, I want you.


One Response to “Hermeneutic of Justification”

  1. wonderful Jon, we have the same damn problems. Jesus IS better than our hermeneutic!


    I love you man, cant wait to talk to you soon

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