“Good Christian” and the American abnormality

October 4, 2008

The terminology that includes “good Christian” can only exist in a culture of rampant nominalism. What exactly do we mean by this phrase? Is there really such a person? I think what really is meant by this phrase is someone who adequately observes spiritual disciplines, even a broad as regular church attendance.

If this theory of the phrase’s intention is true then it means it defies the very essence of what it means to be a Christian. Being a Christian is precisely about who you are, not duties that you perform. And the who you are is swallowed up in the realization that you are so awfully bad that it took the Son of God dying on a cross, bearing the wrath you deserve, so that we would be forgiven.

See the truth is that we all are bad Christians. Bad to the point that every ounce of our “goodness” comes from outside us.

Thank you, Father, that my badness as a Christian sets me free in your grace to embrace the goodness of Jesus Christ.


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