The Psalter says Your Kingdom Come!

October 29, 2008

Psalms 93-99 are beautifully composed to celebrate and pray for God’s kingly reign over all the earth. it is explicitly the OT notion of the kingdom of God, portrayed eschatalogically. Psalm 100 summarizes in praise and highlights the covenantal privilege of Israel as the “sheep of his pature.” The psalter focuses in from universal reign to gracious election and the Lord’s steadfast love (100:1 and then in the psalm of David, 101:1)! The psalm of David portrays a blameless man  who crushes wickedness (101:2; cf. 1:1-6). Then Psalm 102 is very eschatological–there is future hope when the Lord will have pity on Zion and rebuild her, “he appears in his glory” (102:13, 16). This is a day when nations and all the kings of the earth shall fear God’s glory (v. 15). Verses 21-22 show us a new Zion where the peoples and kingdoms gather to worship the Lord.

Psalm 103 is another psalm of David who blesses the Lord. Steadfast love (or “covenant faithfulness”) is mentioned in vv. 4, 8, 11, 17. David writes reminiscent of the Pentateuch… the Lord “great in steadfast love towards those who fear him” (v. 11). Explicit in 103:7-8 is David referring back to Exodus 34:6. He says to God, “this is who You are!”… “this is how You made Yourself known to Moses and back there, in Moses’ intercession, You gave grace and mercy!”

The Lord God is a faithful God who rules over all… David closes, “Bless the Lord, all His works, in all places of His dominion!” (v. 22). And then Psalm 104 comes and shows God as the sovereign giver and sustainer of all creation.

“…these all look to you…” (v. 27)

Then eschatological hope: judge the wicked! i.e. come! Your kingdom come! Messiah reign!

Amen, come Lord Jesus!


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