For Christian worship…

November 12, 2008

And the full revelation of God is absolutely clear: if there is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ, then faith in Jesus Christ is certainly the basis of worship (Allen P. Ross, Recalling the Hope of Glory, 419)

The conclusion of the matter is clear. Worship begins with the response to divine revelation. But if little time of attention is given to the revealed Word of God, read, proclaimed, or taught, then to what do people respond? The result is that worship becomes superficial or sentimental. If the church is truly interested in recapturing the spirit and nature of the prophetic and apostolic ministry of the Word in worship, then there will have to be a greater emphasis placed on reading, teaching, and preaching the Word of God, but it has to be with clarity, accuracy, power, and authority (Ross, 429).

I can imagine a plethora of pastors of who would amen this quote, but who are incognizant as to what changes that may mean to their bulletin. We really need Your help, Holy Spirit. And what more encouragement do we need than that You were sent to help us!


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