How would you integrate a preaching style into a new church plant? This question includes:

Would you preach expositionally?

Would you preach through a book of the Bible?

If so, what book (or books, considering we don’t know the context of the church plant) do you feel would be best to start with?



July 14, 2008

The questions concerning church planting are undoubtedly vast. Demographics and contextualization are two issues that keep me asking. One would go like this…

Can a church adequately reflect the local demographics? If so, how?

This blog is heading into a revised direction. Our subject material is expanding from biblical theology to include church planting, and the necessary ingredient that unites the two– gospel proclamation. To be clear, the intention here concerns a limited audience. I realize that the review posts are long and probably unfit for the blog genre. What I hope to see happen is conversation between men who are passionate about these subjects (even if its just Bryan and me). I want to learn more about them, see them working together… to gain deeper knowledge theologically, and proactive wisdom that puts feet to doctrine.

The conviction is drawn straight from the Scriptures. When I think about Luke-Acts, the two themes that come to mind are Jesus’ hermeneutics and the rise of the church. Biblical theology and church planting are so intimately connected in the Word that I don’t want to conceive of one without the other.